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Wednesdays and Thursday afternoon
14.00-18.00 PM
Saturday morning
08.30 - 12.30 AM



SUNDAY 11 September 2016
 10 a.m. until nightfall

Volognano castle dates back to the 11th century, built in a dominant position as a lookout and presidio of circumstances,

In the medieval village of Volognano, just 15 Km from Florence,

a day dedicated to the culture of the territory, with tasting and sale of crafts, food and wine at Km 0.

During the day will be offered entertainment of various kinds:

Passage of the Vespa club ore 10.30 wasps about exposure

Direct on-site processing during the day artisans of their products in order to show how is the creation of artifacts

Demonstration of Hawk flying and small introduction to falconry approximately 15 pm

Honey production demonstration about 17.30 pm

Will this Medieval archery?  "cultural association Banderia of Tuscia" throughout the day with Medieval didactic stands on  "bows and arrows" and "weaving, writing, thumbnail ".

You can also watch demonstrations of archery.


CHRISTMAS MARKET 06 DECEMBER 2015 In the ancient cellars carefully restored Castle Volognano, just 15 kilometers from Florence, a day of culture of the area, with special tasting of food and wine in a classic Christmas atmosphere


CHIAVE DI VINO For lovers of wine and music, Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

 After the great success of the previous edition, the festival "Chiavi di vino"  will helps you to discover wine through the ascending and descending scales of music in a real sensory experience.


in the beautiful location of the restaurant “La Leggenda dei Frati”, located within the historical museum of Villa Bardini, the winemaker Camilla Carrega will Guide the  listening-tasting exerience:


Gioacchino Rossini - Sonata four No. 1 in G major, combined with wine "Donna Patrizia IGT" Castle Volognano, Viva VERDI - Collection of Arias and Choirs for strings - to hear and taste the wine "Villa Bossi 2010" Marchesi Gondi  Giacomo PUCCINI - Fantasies of Arie for strings - accompanied by wine "Bacchante IGT" Castle Volognano.


Follow the Vindemia Ensemble:

Violin: Daniel Del Lungo

Violin: Andrea Vassalle

Purple: Ense Lasne

Cello: Michele Lanzini

Bass: Gianluca Pierozzi


The evening will conclude with a tasting buffet by Chef Filippo Saporito and with the story of Prof. Zeffiro Ciuffoletti of "Florence Capital. How the Italian cuisine was born. "


Sunday, June 14, 2015 From 10 am until sunset at Castello di Volognano MARKET TASTING AND EXCURSIONS

In the medieval hamlet of Castle Volognano lives , just 15km from Florence,excursions and wine tasting

via di Volognano 12 – 50067 Rignano sull’Arno-FI
tel. 055 8303125



In the ancient cellars carefully restored Castle Volognano, just
15 kilometers from Florence, a day of culture of the
with special tasting of food and wine . In a classic Christmas atmosphere you will find local handicrafts and products made by hand, perfect for buying gifts for the holidays! In addition to crafts can never miss a a large part of
exhibitors offering typical food of the area, created and packaged with care , ready to be taken home. During the afternoon (from 14 to 17) comes
Santa Claus with a wonderful horse to the amusement
children; for all the people, in the afternoon you can enjoy
a special preview sweet wine produced by Castle Volognano and hot wine (Vin


Sunday, September 28, 2014 From 10 am until sunset at Castello di Volognano Autumn Market


In the medieval hamlet of Castle Volognano, just 15km from Florence, a day based on enogastronomic culture, wine tasting and direct sale of sustainable product of the area

CASTELLO DI VOLOGNANO via di Volognano 12 – 50067 Rignano sull’Arno-FI tel. 055 8303125 – 3394734792



Sunday, May 29


During the sessions, participants will learn important basics from professional falconers, have a first direct contact with the birds of prey used, and observe the flight exercises of hunting of many different species of raptors: Eagles, Falcons, Buzzards and Owls.
A unique possibility, to have a first right approach to this discipline, as fascinating as difficult and complex as well as a useful opportunity to actually understand what it means to be a falconer and how to properly handle a bird of prey.


AFTERNOON 4PM - 8PM: practical course

COST (FOR GROUPS OF MIN 7 - MAX 12 PEOPLE): € 70 per person


Feel & Feel: taste and feel the excellence at Volognano

Castello di Volognano & Feel Feel:  

Feel & Feel is designed to make you feel at the center of a new concept of cuisine, made up of dishes and flavors for your personal taste. Like a tailored suit, each menu is sewn upon your desires, and customized for your palate. As true artisans of taste, you can select and combine the highest quality ingredients to let you taste the excellence of Italian products.


For futher info:





In the ancient cellars carefully restored Castle Volognano, just 15 kilometers from Florence, a day of culture of the area, with special tasting of food and wine . In a classic Christmas atmosphere you will find local handicrafts and products made by hand, perfect for buying gifts for the holidays! In addition to crafts can never miss a a large part of exhibitors offering typical food  of the area, created and packaged with care , ready  to be taken home. During the afternoon (from 14 to 17) comes Santa Claus with a wonderful horse to the amusement of children; for the largest ever in the afternoon you can enjoy a special preview sweet wine produced by Castle Volognano and hot wine (Vin Brule')

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Dal Giglio al David

Arte civica a Firenze fra Medioevo e Rinascimento
Accademia Gallery
All the exhibitions

05-14-2013 | 12-08-2013

Adopting a totally new approach to a fascinating topic, Civic Art in Florence from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance focuses on works of art originally commissioned to decorate the public buildings of Florence which housed the magistracies tasked with running the city, the halls of the various Arti, or guilds, and the city gates and walls.
The exhibition covers a wide range of themes including civic heraldry, religion and the city, such representative public buildings as the Palazzo dei Priori, the Palazzo del Podestà and the church of Orsanmichele, and the political parties that lorded it over the city (the House of Anjou, the Arti, the Guelfs and the Ghibellines), illustrating the subjects they chose and explaining why they chose them.  This approach offers visitors a new key to understanding the works of art themselves, by underscoring the importance of images in the propaganda and communication strategy of the groups which ruled the city in the era of the Commune and the Republic, before the rise of the Medici family changed the city for good from both a political and an aesthetic standpoint.
The exhibits bear witness to a complex figurative vocabulary rich in allegory, where the dividing line between the sacred and the secular is often hard to detect.  For instance, in the Palazzo dei Priori, known today as Palazzo Vecchio, one was just as likely to encounter depictions of the Wheel of Fortune and of the mythological hero Hercules (on the city's official seal) as one was of St. Christopher or of the biblical King David, whose statue by Michelangelo (now in the Galleria dell'Accademia) brings the exhibition to an ideal close.
Religious subjects have withstood the ravages of time rather better than secular images, as we can see from the numerous depictions of the Madonna in Majesty, of patron saints, and of such New Testament stories as the Incredulity of St. Thomas, a reflection on the administration of justice and the ascertainment of the truth (Giovanni Toscani, Galleria dell’Accademia; detached fresco in the Palazzo dei Vicari, Scarperia).
A selection of rare Renaissance drawings and a fresco showing the Expulsion of the Duke of Athens (from the former Stinche prison, but now in Palazzo Vecchio) illustrate the so-called Pittura Infamante, or Defamatory Painting – a genre we might equate today with character assassination – which consisted in commissioning murals in public places to depict, often in gruesome detail, either events or individuals viewed with hostility by the city of Florence.
Images boding well, on the other hand, were set up in the market place, Donatello's statue of Abundance famously perching atop a column in the Mercato Vecchio.  While the original has now been lost, we are familiar with the statue from numerous copies produced over the centuries.  Also, the decoration of the city gates and the heraldry adorning the city walls provided the city fathers with another opportunity to celebrate Florence and its allies.
The exhibition devotes special attention to the Arti, the driving force behind the economic boom which Florence enjoyed in the era of the Commune and the true political power in the city at the time. Membership of one of the guilds was a precondition for playing an active role in the city's political life, and indeed Palazzo Vecchio was built for the Priori delle Arti, or guildmasters.
For the first time in two centuries, visitors will be able to admire in a single venue the entire collection of panels depicting the guilds' patron saints.  These originally adorned the pillars of Orsanmichele, a church resulting from the gradual transformation of the old grain market into a place of worship and subsequently entrusted to the patronage of the Arti, who turned it into a veritable treasure-chest of art.



The myth, the sacred, the portrait

Paintings from the repositories of the Palatine Gallery
The Palatine Gallery
All the exhibitions

04-17-2012 | 12-22-2012 - extended until 08-31-2013

The Sala delle Nicchie in the Palatine Gallery hosts the exhibition The Myth, the Sacred, the Portrait, paintings from the repositories of the Palatine Gallery. It is a short anthology designed to enable the public to approach knowledge of an inexhaustible and always surprising artistic heritage, the result of the lengthy collecting of the Medici and the indissoluble link that the reigning family wished to set up with Florence when it bequeathed its treasures to the city permanently “as ornament of the State, for Public utility and to attract the curiosity of Foreigners”.

The nineteen paintings gathered here tell the stories of the places they come from, the palazzi and the grand-ducal villas, of the commissioners that ordered them from the most fashionable painters of the the time, or who purchased them on the antiques market urged by the desire to enhance their  collections.

The exhibition route is divided into four sections that illustrate the subjects that were most common and pleasing to the tastes of the collectors, within a timespan comprised between the 1560s and the first half of the seventeenth century.

The fulcrum of the exhibition is the monumental painting of Hercules and the Hydra of Lerna, executed by Guido Reni around 1638-40 and originating from the collection of Cardinal Giovan Carlo in the Casino Mediceo of Via della Scala. Hercules, the symbol of strength and the emblematic Medici hero, is also the mentor who accompanies the prince on the spiritual journey amidst the celestial spheres in the five Rooms of the Planets frescoed by Pietro da Cortona, which come immediately after this room. The two canvases portraying Tarquin and Lucretia, executed by Simone Pignoni are related to the myth as exemplum virtutis, and allude to female chastity and strength.

The section devoted to Sacred Stories comprises subjects from the Old and New Testaments addressed by both Flemish artists such as Frans Floris, (active in Italy from around 1540) and Italian painters including Artemisia Gentileschi and the Veronese Jacopo Ligozzi, an artist much-loved by both Francesco I and his brother and successor Ferdinando I.

Then comes a short tribute to Don Lorenzo de’ Medici, the son of Ferdinando I and Christine of Lorraine, a sophisticated art lover and an attentive patron to some of the greatest geniuses of his time, including Volterrano, Dandini, Stefano della Bella and Michele Desubleo. Outstanding among the many works commissioned for the picture gallery arranged in his favourite residence, the Villa della Petraia, were the large canvas showing Orlando in the Brigands’ Cave, illustrating the taste for subjects taken from Orlando Furioso and the Gerusalemme Liberata, as well as a series of ovals showing Hylas, Zephyr, the Youth in a Blue Doublet and the Allegory of Comedy, complete with their original frames, destined to one of the small rooms on the ground floor.

The Portrait, as an expression of family and political ties, as a gift, or as a symbol of the moral virtues of the person portrayed, is the subject that closes the exhibition. The five paintings displayed here portray Gaston of Orleans, Henrietta Maria and Elisabeth, the younger children of Maria de’ Medici and Henry IV of France, together with Cosimo III de’ Medici and Margherita de’ Medici as Saint Margaret. They were executed by two of the greatest specialists in the genre, Frans Pourbus the Younger and Justus Suttermans, and reflect various moments in the history of the grand-ducal family and the role and importance that it assumed on the stage of European politics.
Curated by
Anna Bisceglia and Alessandro Cecchi




At 10 min from Volognano Castle situated amongst the idyllic Tuscan countryside is The Mall. In an exquisite architectural space, a collection of the world’s most exclusive brands are presented in an artistically unique style. Visitors can freely mingle among stores dedicated to clothing and accessories specific for women, men and children, as well as fragrance, footwear and home products.

The Mall is a luxury outlet centre tailored to offer the visitor immaculate products at the very best possible prices. In the heart of Italy, within close proximity to the major cities of Tuscany, a visit to The Mall is one that will not be easily forgotten








Volognano Castle & La Buchetta
Will participate on March 10-11 2012 at the event: "Out of TASTE"
PITTI TASTE has become, in the last editions, probably the most exciting “niche” Show in the Italian Food scene, with a very subtle approach also to the cultural and estethical/design values that are related with italian food products.
During these three days at "La Buchetta", in Via de 'Benci 3, we will present a dual path that provides the food and wine tasting of "Chianti Colli Fiorentini Volognano Castle"and "Bacchante Rosso IGT Toscana" in conjunction with tartar and Chinoise Chianina.
Event time: from 12 to 22 Cost 14-16€ 
For more information: 055217833,


EVENTS ON THE WORLD NEWSPAPER La Repubblica and La Nazione




Oct 24 - De Gustibus @ Macy’s Herald Square


Oct 25 - Astor Center Aperitivo


Oct 28 - James Beard Foundation Lunch

Oct 29 - James Beard Foundation Dinner



watch video on

Combinations of our wine ,presented by Dott.Camilla Carrega Bertolini,with strips of Chianina

in collaboration with "La Buchetta"




Food and wine evenings at "La Buchetta" organized in collaboration with Volognano Castle 
Thursday, March 17 dinner presentation
Donna Patrizia igt bianco
Rotolini all’uovo e prosciutto
Lasagna ai fiori di zucca e zafferano
Baccalà al peperone giallo
Cestini di ananas con crema al limone
Thursday, March 31 dinner presentation
Chianti DOCG Castello di Volognano
Antipasto dell’orto rosso
Sformatino di polenta radicchio e speck
Straccetti di chianina in salse rosse
Tortino di cioccolato alla crema di fragole
Thursday, April 14 dinner presentation
Baccante igt rosso
Antipasto alla Fiorentina
Orecchiette al pesto di cavolo
Bocconcini di chianina in salsa di vino
Mattonella ai frutti di bosco
Reservations recommended! LA BUCHETTA, VIA DE BENCI No. 3 TEL 055/217833 PRICE OF EACH DINNER € 30 including wine




Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 20:30
Oinos is pleased to invite you to an evening dedicated to quality wine and vines.
Two productions in comparison Volognano Castle, Rignano sull'Arno and Dalle nostre mani, Fucecchio.
Camilla Carrega for Volognano Castle and Giulio Wilson Rosetti of Dalle nostre mani, are both lovers and wine experts in research and production of wines made from 'local' grapes of the area, in accordance with the terroir and tradition. Giulio and Camilla are also united by the research and application of innovative winemaking techniques, the first for the study and selection of yeasts, the second for the alcoholic fermentation with the application of dry ice.
... And other things! Come and discover the wines and the stories of each one of them told by producers in an environment as comfortable as it could be a living room ... La Buchetta, exactly ...

Will be served a dinner consisting of:

Salad of chicoryand Burrata

Tortelli with mushrrom and vegetables ragù

 Wine pairings: Dalle nostre mani "Gagio" IGT Toscana 2009, Castello di Volognano "Donna Patrizia " IGT Toscana 2009

Chianina beef stew with black polenta
Wine pairings: Castello di Volognano "Baccante " IGT Toscana  2006, from Dalle Nostre Mani "Tosco Regio" IGT Toscana 2008

Chocolate dessert and Sicilian Cannolini


For bookings and info contact La Buchetta Caffe Via de 'Benci, Florence 3 tel. 055 217833 or Catherine Lazzareschi Oinos distribution of wine cell. 338 4161398






is pleased to announce the 6th edition of our Tuscan-themed food events at the James Beard Foundation in New York City. The 2010 theme is TuttoToscana!, a celebration of the Tuscan table where you will discover what Tuscans eat today and the evolution of the region's food culture. This year several events will be offered to capture a wider gastronomic panorama. Unique menus and paired wines will be presented by Apicius chefs, sommeliers, and select wine producers from Tuscany. Please see below for dates and how to purchase tickets directly from the James Beard Foundation. 
New Special Event Program in Collaboration with the James Beard Foundation
Palazzi member institutions partner with the James Beard Foundation to offer an exciting new program held in Florence and NewYork City. The areas of gastronomy, management, and visual arts will the be the main focus of this unique program that will offer.
Saturday, October 23: Gala Dinner at 7:00pm. 
For that occasion Castello di Volognano wines will be served: 
Donna Patrizia 2009 IGT, Castello di Volognano
Chianti Colli Fiorentini Castello di Volognano 2008 DOCG 
Baccante 2007 IGT, Castello di Volognano
Reserving ahead of time is highly recommended. Please call 212.627.2308 or 800.36BEARD and visit for information about events at the James Beard Foundation and reservation policies. Menus of each event can be found at this link as well!
The James Beard Foundation is America's most well known and respected culinary foundation. It is a national, non-profit organization created “to celebrate, preserve, and nurture America’s culinary heritage and diversity in order to elevate the appreciation of our culinary excellence.” Most people might recognize the name for the prestigious James Beard Awards coveted by food professionals all over the United States. Founded in 1985, JBF is a testament to the culinary legacy left by the eponymous culinarian, professional chef, instructor and cookbook author referred to as the “father of American cuisine.” Mr. Beard's beautiful West Village brownstone home was transformed into not only the Foundation's headquarters but the communal space in which members of the foundation and the public can enjoy a myriad of gastronomic events every single day of the year.



Exceptional event , Ferrari meeting to the cellars of Castello di Volognano.
The "Club FERRARI le Sieci" Sunday 26 September visited the winery where,we offered our wine.
The RED of the mythical symbol of italian style
in a perfect armony with the style of the manor.


Everything OILY ...From starters to desserts


Sunday, December 19
At 19.00 a short lesson about the sensory features of the extra vergin olive oil and notes about the cultivation of the olive trees - Dinner scheduled at 20

Evening's menu:
Bruschetta with olive oil croutons, and shaved cabbage, Pinzimonio with three types of oil

Frantoiana soup 

cabbage rolls, accompanied by beans al fiasco 

Chestnut cake

Price of dinner € 30

For info and reservations (required): 055/8303125, 3394734792,,





Gloria Sulli is an artist from Abruzzo who brings to Florence her fear of the conflict that arises between remaining anchored to her homeland and the desire to travel. They are roots clinging to the pavement of the universe not belonging to a single hemisphere. It seems, therefore, that the transfer of the plastic experience is equivalent to a musical one. Sulli's aim is not to add the sounds of nature to this experience but to provide a musical sheet that each and every one of us will execute as an imaginary reading. Turning heavy and inert material into immaterial and airy lightness, using different elements composed of strings and sheets with a minimum of physical presence, like acupuncture on space. Reaching a dimension that is more open to synesthesia, to interferences between all sensorial spheres according to the rule of obtaining maximum effect with minimum means, like causing tumults in space by blows of hidden hands. But there is more to this. The works are a clear underlining of how man and his impermanence relays invisibility to those whose roots are well-anchored. It is a dialogue between emptiness and fullness, a question that has accompanied all Contemporary Art in which peripheral decentralization prevails over the search for the center. Yet Sulli seems to go beyond such a concept with the description of her anchored subjects, unbridled by existential veins that subtract or attract towards a mobility of a reign or a simple end.
The Curator: Sara Janni
Via dei Macci 85/R (red) - Florence
Phone: 055-241076
OPEN: Monday through Saturday 12:00PM-12:00AM




"Libo", Accessories for wine experience": tasting experience for wine lovers, a functional jewels seeking a relationship between the traditional gesture of libare and contemporary design.
The accessory demonstrates the evocative power of rituals of wine culture and reinterprets the richness of tastevin, the emblematic tasting instrument worn at the neck by sommeliers.

Designer: Maria Elena Celentano
Via Tripoli, 33 
+39 339 11 63 534






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